Can you guess..??

Hello guys,
How are you?? I had a few days off, so I left Holland to do some quick shopping. My closet needed some new items. Well, the first day sucked big time, cause it rained like crazy!! I didn't feel like shopping at all... Day two was totally different with great weather!!

Can you guess where I went?? Please don't mind my tipwear...this was day four.

I always love a good holografic!!

Do you know what polish(es) I'm wearing??

Have a great weekend, unfortunately I have to work on saturday...

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Milan! I am so jealous!! It is Hits Ares that you're wearing?

  2. It's Porta Sempione :). I also guess that you're wearing Hits Ares :).

  3. Yes I went to Milano! And yes, the polish is Hits Ares over OPI Big Apple Red :D

  4. I knew where you were 'cause you told me on facebook, otherwise I wouldn't guess, but the polish I knew was Hits Ares!! =)

  5. Mooi kleurtje!
    ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin, volg je me terug? xx


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