Hi everyone!
Can you believe it's november already??!!
The past few months I didn't feel like posting at all....did my nails once in a while and failed to even take pictures... This neon-manicure below is the only thing I have from spring/summer. My nails were in a bad condition for a long time a.k.a very short and I could peel of layers...

Now my nails are slightly better, but I still have crappy cutticles and because the winter is on the way....I know my hands are in trouble. Just like every year!
This is how they look now...I must admit they don't look that bad on camera :)

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great year so far! Mine is good but without a lot of nailpolish. I believe the last must have nailpolish I bought is Tristam from a-england....and that was (according to my blogpost) in june 2011........


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  1. That first mani is all kinds of fab.

    And I feel you on both count - the peeling and the way skin on hands end up in winter...

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